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Financing The purchase of land

Future Folk will soon be raising loan stock to finance the purchase of the land

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As a cooperative society, Future Folk is able to raise loan stock, which is a loan in the form of an unsecured fixed-term, fixed-interest bond. The capital raised from this process will be used to purchase land in Sussex for a co-housing community and associated society enterprises.

There are two categories of loan stock investment.

  • Read more about loan stock here

Resident member loan stock

If you wish to be a resident of the co-housing community you can invest loan stock,  which will be used to purchase the land. Once the co-housing community is built and you move into your dwelling, the loanstock you invested will be converted into your equity share in the co-operative. For example, if you were to invest £50,000 in loan stock this would be converted to £50,000 equity share and you would pay a monthly contribution to the co-operative until you had bought the remainder of your equity share. If you wish to invest resident member loan stock, please read the 'Join us' page becoming a resident member.

Supporter Loan stock

This is loan stock that is invested by people or organisations (such as other co-operatives) who wish to invest money at a fixed rate for a fixed period because of the benefits the investment would bring. 

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