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Loan Stock

Investment in Future Folk Sussex will fund the purchase of our first site. We need to raise the capital to fund the land purchase and to complete the pre-development stage. By investing in Future Folk Sussex, you will support a revolution in the way homes are funded, delivered and owned. Capital will be used to create homes that are not only designed to reduce their environmental impact, but that are also community-focused and permanently affordable by existing outside of the housing market.

Before applying to invest, please be sure to read through our Loan Stock Handbook here 

Coming Soon!

If you wish to be a resident of the co-housing community you can invest loan stock, which will be used to purchase the land. Once the co-housing community is built and you move into your dwelling, the loanstock you invested will be converted into your equity share in the co-operative. For example, if you were to invest £50,000 in loan stock this would be converted to £50,000 equity share and you would pay a monthly contribution to the co-operative until you had bought the remainder of your equity share. If you wish to invest resident member loan stock please read the section below on becoming a resident member.

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